PISTIS follows a User-Driven Innovation Approach, involving the demonstrator hubs and other stakeholders of the data-value chain in all stages of the project life cycle, as key enablers of the PISTIS innovation process, towards encouraging active and collaborative contribution in the development of a unique data-driven ecosystem for data sharing and monetisation.

The User-Driven Innovation Approach will be realised through the establishment of the PISTIS Living Labs and the production of educational material like a Massive Open Online Course(s) (MOOCs).

The learning and engaging activities will start at the end of 2023.

The PISTIS Living Labs will focus mostly on the demand-side SMEs – the potential end-users of PISTIS solution. As such, the user-side SMEs engaged within the Living Labs are reinforced to adopt the developed innovation, making use of it for their business – either as components facilitating their business processes, or being incorporated into their product/service offering.

Both Living Labs and MOOCs will offer the participating end-user SMEs a higher level of knowledge and competence in relation to their innovation capabilities (besides the actual adopted solutions), as well as access to new ideas, integration of external standpoints in their innovation process, and expansion of a corporate network.

In turn, the end-user SMEs participating in PISTIS Living Labs will provide the project’s consortium with openness, knowledge, creativity, and testing opportunities. More concretely, they will offer their inputs regarding the requirements for the PISTIS solution, validate against real market and users’ needs, contribute to the end-product definition and go-to-market strategy creation.