PISTIS is glad to announce its inaugural Living Lab event on 14th December, 14 to 15 CET.

In an era characterized by the exponential growth of data and its profound impact on companies worldwide, the PISTIS Living Labs stand as an illuminating platform to unravel the untapped potential held within data spaces.

Our primary focus rests upon recognizing the transformative power embedded within these expansive digital landscapes and understanding their role in fostering invaluable connections within the realm of modern business.
We seek to bridge the gap between the abstract realms of data and the tangible benefits they can bring to businesses across various sectors.
Drawing on this, the inaugural PISTIS Living Lab event stands not just as a gathering but as a pivotal milestone in the journey toward understanding and harnessing the power inherent in data spaces.

Through insightful presentations, demonstrations, and engaging discussions, we aim to shed light on the pivotal role that PISTIS is and will further and further play in driving sustainable growth.

This event is an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery and collaboration. Together, let us unlock the untold possibilities within data spaces and harness their transformative potential to redefine the future of business connectivity and innovation.

The first Living Lab will comprise three sessions:

1. Conceptualizing the PISTIS Project:
The project coordinator will introduce the foundational concepts of the PISTIS project, outlining our mission to support external stakeholders in connecting within data spaces. We will address the challenges faced by SME in this context, seeking to understand and address their needs.

2. Demonstrator Showcases:
Experience insightful demonstrations showcasing PISTIS’s core essence:

– Mobility and Urban Planning Demonstrator Hub
– Energy Sector Demonstrator Hub
– Automotive Sector Demonstrator Hub

3. Engaging Q&A Session

Download the slides here