The automotive demonstrator hub will support environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient mobility and transport, directly promoting the European Green Deal.

Specifically, the mobility hub will use various data sources, e.g. connected vehicle data from car manufacturers (via CARUSO, data provider operating a data marketplace), vehicle trip data (via VIF, Europe’s largest RTO for virtual vehicle technology), weather data (via UBIMET), map data (OpenStreetMap), and air quality data (open government data) to feed data-hungry use cases, focusing on traffic quality assessment in urban areas (led by TRAFFICON) and driving style and risk assessment (led by VIF), which will use the data and provide concrete data-driven services to individual drivers (driver coaching), businesses (corporate mobility management for green driving), and public administrations (urban emission modelling).

Within the automotive demonstrator hub, the following actors will participate: CARUSO as a data provider that operates a data space (marketplace) providing connected vehicle data (coming from major brands and vehicle manufacturers in Europe covering more than 60% of the connected car park in Germany including Audi, BMW, Ford, Daimler, and Porsche) to data consumers and service developers (VIF, TRAFFICON) that will also share information between them.


  • UC1: Traffic quality assessment
  • UC2: Driving Style & Risk Assessment