D 5.1 – Demonstrators Evaluation Plan and Preparation Activities Report

This document forms the guidelines for how the project will move forward into its demonstration and evaluation phases.
It scrutinises the most suitable available tools for carrying out a successful evaluation and draws together a set of techniques which PISTIS will subsequently utilise. This collection of tools and techniques forms the so called Evaluation Framework: a tool for validating the PISTIS platform in the real application scenario provided by the three demonstrators involved in the project: Urban planning & mobility, Energy , and Automotive.

The document also takes a holistic approach and look at how successful the project as a whole has been.

We considered issues such as how we would carry out measurements and what would be the metrics to adopt? What would be the evaluation criteria for different aspects of the project?
And how we should engage with stakeholders?

Subsequent deliverables, D5.2 and D5.3, will be based on this work, whilst informing the technical teams to assist in their future work.