The new European-funded project PISTIS is at its ribbon cutting.

In Greek mythology, Pistis was the personification of good faith, trust and reliability.

And, indeed, the acronym PISTIS stands for Promoting and Incentivising Federated, Trusted, Fair Sharing and Trading of Interoperable Data Assets.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is coordinating the project, while SUITE5 is leading the technical part of PISTIS which will run until June 2026.

PISTIS aims to create incentives for companies and public institutions to share their data assets with each other in a controlled secure and fair way.

The Consortium involved 31 partners from 11 European countries. Among them there are research practitioners, technology providers, end users, and innovation accelerators.

Together are developing a reference platform as an infrastructure for sharing, federated exchange trading, and monetization of interoperable data sets that will be co-designed and validated by three demonstrator hubs: mobility and urban planning, energy, and automotive.