PISTIS: Delivering on the EU Data Strategy

Data is Not a Four-letter Word Data is not a four-letter word. Data is omnipresent. Whether it is information (structured data), knowledge (combined information), experience (used knowledge) or otherwise, and whether it resides between our ears, in libraries, in sensors, in digital wallets, online or other systems and environments. Perhaps that is the reason why [...]

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The PISTIS platform and “Data as a Public Good”

The PISTIS project aspires to make a valuable contribution to growing the data economy and towards the monetisation of a company’s data. But what about the potential for PISTIS also to be of value for the Public and “Non-Governmental Organisation” sectors as the project progresses? Let’s take a glimpse into. The PISTIS partners, whilst [...]

PISTIS Newsletter#1

The first PISTIS newsletter has been released! It will be a 6-month appointment, a "window into the PISTIS backyard" through which to discover what the project intends to do in its three-year period, what results have already been achieved and what events it intends to participate in or organize in the coming months. If [...]

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Automotive Hub Use Case: Data-driven driving style and risk assessment

Modern vehicles are rolling computers, producing enormous amounts of valuable data concerning their operations and surroundings. When integrated with other data sources, they present a multitude of opportunities for the development of valuable, data-driven services. However, these diverse data sources, including driving behavior data, weather data, and accident hotspot data, are usually owned by [...]

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