The inaugural PISTIS Living Lab – Exploring Data Connectivity for Data-Driven Companies took place on 14th December.

The event centered around the theme of unlocking the potential within data spaces for SMEs, emphasizing the exponential impact of data on various industries.

The inaugural PISTIS Living Lab showcased compelling use cases spanning urban planning, energy, and automotive sectors. From baggage handling management to public transportation planning support, Nikolaos Papagiannopoulos unveiled diverse collaborative opportunities. Furthermore, the discussions led by Pablo Blázquez Martín on augmenting grid capacity, exploring peer-to-peer trading in the energy sector, and Alexander Stocker’s insights into leveraging data for safer driving experiences in the automotive sector were eye-opening. These conversations highlighted the transformative potential of PISTIS in revolutionizing industries through data integration.

You may goes to the dedicated page and access the recording and slides shared by speakers.